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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finished project by new student

this bag is done by my new student and it took her the whole day to complete. She is very happy with her bag and it makes my day. She uses a black cudroy fabric with a stunning gold color cotton for her lining and finishes with a leather handle.

this is another bag also done by the same student and it surprises me that the color mixture of the fabrics turns out very well and she love it so much. This bag is called patch drawstring sling bag. It took her half a day to complete. Good student!


  1. it takes 2 to tango.. a good student and a dedicated and passionate teacher makes an amazing outcome kan kan.. nak perasan japs.. hehehe. i'm not just happy.. i'm ecstatic. nasib baik lantai kayu or i would have jump up and down. so to those yang jealous tgk my completed bags tu.. better sign up for class. the outcome is worth every penny and sweat. :P

  2. ohh and wait till you see corine's personal collection. you'll drooooollllll over it. sheeshh... i'm still drooling.

  3. those are really nice finishes....I love both of it....so Corine..when are you scheduling the class? and of course we arrange when you are here in KL...hehehehe....the black is looking very elegant....since it is black....black always looks nice with any colour...the red...is very sweet and stunning.....love them all..congrats to both student and teacher...